Anthony Méric · Lead Motion Designer
It's Anthony! 👀, a Lead Motion Designer from France. Previously in New York at Stink Studios, I’m currently freelancing anywhere remotely.

The New School


The New School


The New School is a progressive university in New York City that takes a cross-disciplinary approach to education. We partnered with them to create an outdoor installation to bring their philosophy to life through a unique interaction: it takes two people to operate, showing what happens when ideas collide.


The details

When two users approach the screen, they’re each randomly assigned a particle style and behavior that tracks the motion of their bodies. When the particle streams collide a reaction occurs dramatizing the spontaneous and unpredictable breakthroughs that happen when different academic departments collaborate.



Client — The New School
Digital Agency — Stink Studios
Executive Creative Director — Ben Hughes
Creative Director — Olivier Gillaizeau
Creative Technology — Kuva
Art Director — Linn Livijn Wexell
Sr. Motion Designer — Anthony Meric
Editor — Ethan Cantor
Executive Producer — Lauren Keller